Nominees for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2022

This year’s Laureates – David Card, Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens – have provided us with new insights about the labour market and shown what conclusions about cause and effect can be drawn from natural experiments. Their approach has spread to other fields and revolutionised empirical research.

The candidate’s list consists of authors, illustrators, oral storytellers and reading promoters from several continents. For those who want to keep up to date with children’s and YA literature in the world, the list is invaluable. It also includes people working with reading promotion activities, something that fulfils a crucial function in stimulating young people’s desire to read.

See all nominated candidates on the award’s website (link)

The jury’s task until the announcement is to evaluate the candidates’ work and nominate the next laureate.

“Children and young people need access to literature that puts the world in perspective. The candidate list has a fantastic breadth, quality and diversity”, says jury Chair Boel Westin.

“The works of the candidates contain wonderful adventures and everyday observations full of emotion and psychological insight, brilliant visual art and humorous masterpieces”, says jury member and author Mårten Sandén.

Facts and figures about the nominees
The nominations include 282 candidates from 71 countries, of whom 72 are new to the list. The number of candidates is increasing every year, most of the percentage increase in the last 5 years are candidates from non-European countries (in 2016 a total of 215 candidates from 59 countries were nominated). A total of 256 international nomination organisations were invited to propose candidates, of whom 138 submitted candidates for the 2022 award.

The candidates’ geographical spread for the 2022 award:

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