Nordbygg is opening up – after four years

The four-year wait is over – on April 26th we again open the doors to the long-awaited Nordbygg and this year’s most important construction meeting. The entire public construction sector has longed to be able to see industry colleagues again and take part of the news and innovations. Soon it will be reality!

For four days, the fair will be open and offer everything from guided tours for architects, exciting materials lectures, a female network meeting to inspiring seminars, competitions, loads of new products and a visitor’s café entirely built of ceramic tiles. There will be days full of inspiration, new meetings and more than 900 exhibitors to take part of.

– We are really looking forward to the fair with optimism and dedication. We know that there is a pent-up need for visiting fairs, since they are good meeting places. Time is scarce, and that makes it valuable to be able to be able to meet in an arena where there are possibilities for networking with loads of different actors – it can lead to very rewarding discussions, says Peter Claesson, Head of Marketing at Scantruck, which is one of the exhibitors at Nordbygg.

A female forum takes place at the fair

At Nordbygg 2022, the fair will arrange its first female network meeting. Equality is an important issue in the construction industry and a given for Nordbygg. Visitors to the fair can expect programme items that aim to encourage an equal construction sector.

– Nordbygg has for many years tried to gather all women in construction, fittings and properties, and since we have planned this event together since 2019. To three years later be able to open up Nordbygg’s doors and welcome all women to this network meeting feels incredible, says Sandra Mobaraki, moderator for Nordbygg’s female network meeting.

Architecture takes over Nordbygg

This year, architecture will be a big part of the fair with a special programme designed for architects and architectural students. There will be guided tours, materials exhibitions and a lecture series by architects called ”The Architect’s Eyes On”, among other things. For four days, architects will give lectures on one project at a time, focussing on its main material divided into bricks, concrete, steel and wood.

– Nordbygg’s exhibitors possess a vast knowledge of materials and there are experts within virtually every construction material. It will be interesting to follow this series of lectures, where architects can present construction projects from a materials angle as a special quality of the project, says Tove Dumon Wallsten, Project Manager at Sveriges Arkitekter.

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