Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, hosted a mass rave to show solidarity with Ukraine on its Independence Day

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, raved together with Ukraine in celebration of the country’s Independence Day. A techno music event next to Vilnius’ White Bridge was led by world-famous Ukrainian DJs ARTBATc featured guest performers DJs Miss Monique and 8kays and drew thousands of people. The crowd danced for freedom and demonstrated in an unconventional way that no one can defeat the strong spirit of Ukraine and take away its independence.
Music and raves as forms of Ukraine’s resistance and national unity is a powerful concept within the context of Russia’s invasion. Since the outbreak of the conflict, nightclubs in Kyiv have been converted to warehouses, while those working in the music scene have taken on logistical roles by distributing hundreds of tonnes of aid. Ravers and DJs take part in “clean up raves” across the country to help clean and restore buildings destroyed by the fighting.

Despite the raging war in Ukraine, its nation has remained resilient and as united as ever, therefore, the organizers of the rave felt this type of event reflected the Ukrainian spirit the best.

Due to the perilous situation in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital was not able to host the festivities, however, as an ardent supporter of Ukraine’s fight for freedom, Vilnius offered to host a festive rave, drawing crowds with over thousands of supporters.

“We celebrated Ukraine’s Independence Day here in Vilnius, but I am sure that next year Ukrainians will be able to enjoy the celebrations in their own capital city,” Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius, commented. “Ukrainians’ unrelenting fight for their country is an immense inspiration to us all, and it is our honor to support them.”

The Independence Day rave also served humanitarian purposes as “Music Saves UA,” a fund established by the Ukrainian Association of Music Events, collected donations for the victims of the war.

Other events were held throughout the capital city to celebrate Ukraine’s Independence Day. Vilnius Town Hall hosted a concert with Ukrainian band “Taruta,” and the international choir “Unia.” A vertical dance performance took place on the façade of the former Moscow House, turned into a symbol of Ukraine’s freedom by an international team of artists who painted the fresco “Do Peremogi” (“Until Victory”) in July. The final show of the evening was a multidisciplinary art project, “Walls Have Ears,” which presented a modern video and musical interpretation of the classical Ukrainian works “Flowers and Gunpowder.

Vilnius condemned the unlawful invasion of Ukraine and the war on innocent residents in a number of initiatives. Putin’s life-size cardboard cutout was “imprisoned” in a former century-old prison, The name of the street where the Embassy of Russia is based was changed to Ukrainian Heroes Street, and a pond near the embassy was dyed red to symbolize the spilled Ukrainians’ blood, also Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius, painted the writing “Putin, the Hague is waiting for you” on the street outside the Embassy and put it on the banner placed on Vilnius Municipality building.


Release: Lina Jarockytė, Account Manager, Blue Oceans PR, Vilnius, Lithuania

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